Sexy Sadie
A Gentleman Sent Me This Masterpiece Today:

….I see you at Starbucks….reading and drinking coffee…I sit across the room…
you glance up and go back to reading…you uncross your legs and discretely show
me you are not wearing underwear….you get out your laptop and give me a glimpse of
your luscious breasts….at first it appears you are lightly scratching your shoulder…then it is obvious to me you are brushing your nipple with your wrist…you begin to squirm a bit…then, when no one is send your hand under your skirt…as if to straighten…but
put your finger in your already wet pussy…..bring it to your face…smelling…then put it in your mouth…..and look directly at me and don’t look away…you smile devilishly and do it again…..I glace at my laptop and it says….YES YOU……NOW…..I close my laptop…taking my coffee I approach your table…….”Excuse me……May I join you?”……

"I thought you were never going to ask" you say …continuing to smile..oh, so seductively..sitting close, I can faintly smell your pheromones..intoxicating…At the moment it appears no one in the cafe is paying any attention….I lean across the table and gently kiss you cheek..luscious…"Hungry?" you ask. I reply quietly "starved!" "for you"…you laugh coyly. Again your hand goes below the table, you lift it to my face as if to touch me and brush it against my lips….Nervously I again look around…still no body watching so I lightly kiss your hand lingering at your fingertips…putting them in my mouth..I begin discretely touching myself under the table…you gradually move your chair slightly so that you can see.."I’m so glad you are happy to see me" you say, again smiling…your eyes begin to water..ever so slightly..there we are in Starbucks, both touching ourselves as we converse….so so exciting…so so erotic…" I’ll bet you would really
like to taste me” you say…”You KNOW I would” I reply quickly…You tell me that they only have one restroom and that you need to pee..would I watch the door for you?….following you…as we get to the door…you look around and pull me in behind you…”Lock the door” you command…with my back to the door you press against me….kissing me lightly at first…then deeper….I can taste you….my left hand is on your face…my right hand is lightly finding your nipple….so erect…so perfect….”I wanna suck you..just I bit…I lower my head..and softly kiss..then lick..then suck your glorious left nipple…you moan …trying to be quiet….my left hand now moves down your back to your amazing ass…I hold your right butt cheek firmly, but not too firmly….again you make beautiful sounds….I am hard and I grind against you….pressing my cock against your abdomen…then down your left thigh….”I’m so fucking wet it is startin to run down
my leg” you whisper….It’s true…I verify….getting my fingers wet….I lightly brush your clit….and my hand moves back around as I trace it slowly up and down the crack of your ass…..we are both breathing heavier..and heavier….I lift you up on the sink and pushing up your skirt I bury my face between your legs…you have kicked off your shoes and move your delicate feet to my shoulders…” DO IT” you say…I begin running my tongue up and down both sides of the lips of your sweet sweet pussy …up and around the hood of your clit..which is getting bigger and more firm…finally I take your clit in my mouth and suck…..and suck…. I have moved my hand up and insert first one…then two fingers inside you…using a tickling motion…I find your G-spot… you are getting louder…I pull my fingers out and cover your mouth…you stick them in your mouth and suck…..I pull them out and again start tickling your spot.. still sucking your
clit….you stiffen…then cum all over my face……OH MY GOD……so fucking wet….so so fucking wet….”I want your dick in my mouth” you say breathlessly… drop to your knees….taking my cock ALL the way down your throat immediately…pulling back you begin to lick and tease the head…looking up at me….eyes full of passion..glistening….”Jack off for me” you command….”I want your cum on my face too”
You love when I do that…I start stroking my self and your hand has returned to your soaking wet pussy….you are rubbing your clit and fingering yourself….I think your are going to quickly cum again….You do….”don’t stop” I whisper…I can feel it welling up….here it comes….”I’m gonna cum again” you moan….eyes watering more and more….I begin to cum …the first shot goes directly in your open mouth…more cumming and your face is covered…….I lift you up and start licking the cum from your cheek…we kiss deeply sharing our juices….a delightfully tasty blend……”We have to get out of the bathroom”…..Returning to our table….still nobody seems to even notice us….I tell you that was THE most erotic experience I will probably ever have…..

What do you think?


Today I saw a new gentleman, and apparently I was his introduction to the hobby. He arrived at the door with a bouquet of flowers, how lovely!

I took the flowers to my kitchen and made chitchat while I unwrapped them from their cellophane and put them in a vase, which I set out on my dresser  while we moved on to other business.

He was a vanilla, easy to please client. Made a knock about my hair being a lot shorter than in my pictures, but hey, I mention that on the very same page as my pictures. Overall, very pleasant man though.

When he left, I went to the kitchen for a drink and found ants. Lots of ants. Ants everywhere. I went over to the bouquet to find it also covered in ants, and figured they were probably the source. Well damn.

Are they all gonna die eventually and not be a problem because they have no queen? Or should I do something about them?


I’m having an allergic reaction to something that is making me break out in hives all over my chest, and it’s spreading. I canceled today’s appointment in account of how bad it looks. Hopefully it goes away soon.


Today I arrived at my incall to find that the heater was broken and the room was frigid. I made due by turning on the small oven in the kitchen and leaving it’s door open, turning it into a space heater.

I broke my “no more than one per day” rule to take advantage of the fact that I’m on spring break. I saw three clients and made $1025.

Catching Up

I guess the weight I’ve gained is starting to show - in my most recent review the client made a point to rate me a 5/10 and talk about how I looked overweight and it was a huge turnoff for him. I am not overweight by any means, but I have gained a noticeable amount since taking the photos for my website.

I am happy with my body, but I don’t have the luxury of leaving it the way it is. I’ve got to start exercising so I can get trim again. My livelihood depends on it.

I have barely worked the past three months because I’ve gone back to school and I’m giving it 100% of my attention. I don’t think I’ve answered any of my work email in a month, I can’t be getting a very good reputation.

My current monthly living expenses are about five clients worth, which really isn’t that much. But I’m scared to make appointments while I’m still “overweight.”

Haven't heard from you in a long time:( you still around?-Glasses

Indeed I am! I couldn’t log in to this account for a long time because they had to clear up some sort of security issue. But hey, I’m here.

Sorry for my previous ask, I feel like one of those sad lonely bastards... and I suppose I am. I just don't want to feel so damn alone anymore.

Don’t feel bad. We’re all sad lonely bastards at some point at least. I’m sure you’ll find company in due time :)

I'm really curious. I want at least part of the GFE... I think really I want some sort of Girl to act as a GF, but I don't want/need the sex. Just someone for me to hold and hug and pal around with, talk to, etc. I don't get that with my GF, and I really don't know what to do/say. I'm just sad all the time, but the worry is if I were to do something like that with an escort, that I would end up doing what's happened with you and a couple Johns. What would you suggest?

Aw, I’m sorry you don’t get to do those things with your girlfriend. Perhaps you could talk to her about it, or maybe it’s time to seek someone new? Seeing a companion is always an option, but it’s an expensive one, and it’s probably not what you’re really looking for.

I'm scrolling through your blog and I find your writing style very compelling and the content and nature of your posts fascinating from a sociological perspective. Have you considered archiving what you post and putting together a book?

Why thank you, I’m glad you enjoy reading! Sorry that I have been slacking. I’d be interested in doing such a thing but have no idea how to go about it. I’d be terrified of my identity being found out. And I’m not quite sure there would be interest - hasn’t this sort of thing been done? Like “Diary of a Call Girl?”

Okay, so I'm an attractive big girl looking to begin work as an escort. I definitely want to start working through an agency, but all of the ones I see seem to only advertise teeny blonde chicks. Are agencies usually pickier about hiring heavier girls?

I’m afraid I don’t know. I think it would depend on the agency. In the brief time I worked for one, we had two attractive big girls on our team, so I’m sure there must be other agencies that would be on board with that.